What do you think about sugar dating? Prostitution or Asserting Independence?

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The site defines "sugar daddies" are

"Successful men and women who know what they want. They are motivated and enjoy having attractive partners around them. Money is no object, sugar daddies are usually generous donors."

Instead, "sugar babies" are:

"Attractive women looking for better things in life. They enjoy an exotic journey and gifts. Sugar babies can experience a luxurious lifestyle and meet rich people regularly."

The definition of sugar dating is based on the common will of both parties. There is no dispute about the arrangement of sugar daddy's agreement. Sugar daddies and sugar babies know exactly what they want and don't want, and can decide if they want money, companionship, and sex in return. Also, sugar dating doesn't require any commitment and are not a serious relationship, so when the arrangement begins, you just need to enjoy the benefits and happiness that the relationship brings to you.

However, due to the controversial nature of the site, many people have criticized the search matching process. Since most of the relationships on the site involve young, college girls and older, wealthy men exchanging money for services, many critics were quick to call it the sex trade or prostitution.

Women who arrangements on the site have the opposite view. They insist that this is not sex or prostitution. For them, it's the best way to experience the luxury lifestyle, and while there may be sex, sex isn't a necessity. Many sugar babies have more social experience and accumulated more contacts through an arrangement with sugar daddies. Some even work for sugar daddies after graduation. For sugar babies, sugar daddies are more of a mentor than a benefactor. As far as we know, sugar dating is usually made because college girls can't afford to pay for college, so they choose to date rich men older than themselves in exchange for their paying for themselves to graduate.

Critics say "sugar dating" relationships is a matter of paying for sex. It's more about their ignorance of the industry. In addition, one of the more important reasons is the imprisonment of feudal thought, which makes them believe that anything related to money and sex is prostitution. That's not right.

Also, mature men on the site are often looking for a partner, or just someone to talk to. Yes, some people are married, and while some people use this service to cheat on their wives, others, instead of sleeping with their sweetheart, are mentors. Some men go for "a little drama and a little excitement about meeting people. "Most of them want to escape the constraints of marriage, and critics may accuse these men of cheating on their wives and families by philandering. But for these men, who are already suffering from the pressures of life and the shackles of marriage, they want to find a little fun in their ordinary life. It doesn't have to be about sex.

The interest around these arrangements has increased so much that several documentaries currently exist about sugar dating.

While not everyone is suited to a sweet date, perhaps the stigma associated with the process is unfounded. While some of these relationships can be potentially dangerous, it's important to identify and negotiate what will and won't happen before anything starts and to set boundaries before one or both start to feel uncomfortable. Many women see the experience as building these relationships and putting things in their own hands-on their terms. The sugaring process is arguably safer than prostitution because it allows users to pre-determine what they are willing and unwilling to give and receive. With prostitution, there will be some components in Canada (such as buying sex but not the act of prostitution itself from a prostitute), adding sugar to give young women the ability to repay debts, build relationships, and build their businesses without certain additional caveats, in their way.

Perhaps the question is that as long as these relationships are established safely and transparently on even, level playing fields, why can't a young woman seek an arrangement for help to pay off her bills and debts or establish her career? Why can't rich men find some fun outside of family and career?