My EX is seeking arrangements online. What should I do?

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 sugar baby dating I recently broke up with a girlfriend for many years. We're both in our mid-20s. She is out of work for the summer and is hard up. After we broke up, I noticed that she had set up an account on a sugar baby dating website and had been sending messages to men much older than her, essentially exchanging money for herself. Among girls of our age, it is very popular to build such "relationships", they want to pay off college loans, or use others' money to buy various luxuries or travel abroad.

Yes, I know it's 2019 and women have the right to do what they want with their bodies, but I'm concerned that these men may not be honest (and honestly, they're probably already married) and certainly don't have her best interests at heart. Maybe she watches too much TV news, but I'm worried about her safety. I thought about telling her mother about it, and I knew her mother wouldn't let me, but I was conflicted. I know it's not my job, but if something happens to her and I have the information, can't I be wrong? How should I warn her to protect herself?

It's frustrating that the search for sugar daddies is catching on. While sex work shouldn't be illegal, in my opinion, that doesn't mean it's never been morally problematic. Adultery is usually wrong, and it is wrong to instigate it. We have reason to worry about your attitude to your sexual orientation when using your body as a commodity. I suspect many in your circle will end up regretting what they did. If the sugar babies can't meet a real sugar daddy, they are willing to spend money for them, pay for their tuitions, and just treat them like prostitutes. How much it would hurt them!

But that's not your decision. You don't have any information that your ex didn't have. She is in control of her life. To drag her mother it was just to put pressure on her to give up what she thought was an acceptable pursuit. It's not your place. Let your ex know you're concerned about her safety, but don't start a campaign. If anything happens to her, it's not your fault; It will be the result of the risks she has willingly taken. Perhaps it's worth noting that sugar daddies can also be at risk: the New York Times reported that an octogenarian in New York was robbed and tied up in his apartment after a date. In these cases, exploitation can go both ways.

So if your ex is seeking arrangements with a rich older man, what should you do?

1. First, you can try to reach out to your ex and remind her that not all of these sugar daddies are established men or millionaires men. There are scammers out there who want to have sex with them. Although many websites claim that members need to be authenticated to join the site, is this the case?

2. Don't rule out that your ex has blocked you after the breakup. You won't be able to reach her at this point, so you can also go to her registered sugar daddy website to find the person she's chatting with. Check the website to see if anyone has reported this user, he is not a liar. Then send it back to the customer service to verify the sugar daddy identity.

Most sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy on sugar arrangement site in recent years. So if you find your ex or your female friends seeking arrangements online, you can give them proper advice.