How to get a sugar baby reply about the first online dating message?

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Sugar daddies often play the role of initiator on sugar daddy dating apps or websites, sending instant messages to sugar babies when they browse the profiles they are interested in. You may get a response in the first place, but if she doesn't respond to your first online dating message, it could hurt, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost. By carefully structuring your second message, you can still resume the conversation you were so eager for. Online dating platforms open up more possibilities for discreet relationships to find arrangements. So don't worry about finding the right arrangement. After all, you can find a lot of personal information online dating, and it's not hard to find another person to chat with.

To be patient

Many female friends may not follow their phones often, so when a woman who checks the dating app every day opens it at the same time as another woman who checks it every three days, there's no doubt that the woman who checks it every three days gets more matching messages and messages. Besides, her information is very good. If sugar daddies expect an immediate response to their messages, the results are disappointing. You can wait 36 hours or 48 hours for better results. That said, women chat online less often than men, so if you meet someone you want to date, don't worry, wait for her reply.

Review your first message to her

While it's likely that she never saw your first message, there's always a chance that she did and didn't think it was worth replying to.No matter how appealing your profile is, a boring opening line like hi and its many variations are not worth replying to. A good starting point is to point something out in her profile and get her thinking (but not too much). The purpose of opening a message is to receive another response message. Does your initial message require a response? 

If you're happy with your first message, add it.

For example, let’s say your initial opening line was something like this: "Tell me something cool about you." Expand on it by saying, "Really? There’s nothing cool about you? I don’t believe you." It's funny and it's offensive without crossing the line. Sending a second message unrelated to the first message can cause disharmony. If you can inject a bit of wisdom into the conversation, do so.

Call her name

Is there a word sweeter than your name? Studies show that when you hear your name, several brain regions light up. To get the dopamine flowing in the brain, start with her name. When you call her name, she will receive messages from you more quickly, and the more likely she is to receive a reply.

The second piece of information

When you send the second message, you need to remember something. Now that you understand why you should use her name in the first message, don't just say hello. 

Edit your profile

Just to get a girl's attention, exchanging a few photos and revising your resume can seem like a dramatic move. If she doesn't respond to your first message, don't start your profile from scratch -- you're a match for a reason. But rearrange your profile photos and add a few new ones to show your growth and diversity. Do the same with your resume, save the useful ones and edit the rest.

After making the above adjustments, if your partner checks your profile, she will notice the changes and feel lucky to have found a sugar daddy who can spoil her. If you're not sure which new photos you can add to your profile, check out our more experts. By expert, I mean female friends, because girlfriends are the ones who know what a woman is thinking. Take some pictures of your friends and ask for their advice.

Follow up more than once

So she didn't respond to your initial message. As we have discussed, there are many reasons to justify sending the second message. But what happens if she doesn't respond to your second follow-up message?

As strange as this may sound, it allows more than two messages to be sent without a response. The key is to be respectful and satisfying. Sending five different "hey" messages without a reply suggests you should rethink your messaging strategy.

After sending the second message, wait 24-48 hours to send her another message. If you're wondering about sending another unsolicited message, think about it this way. She probably gets multiple messages a day. This meant that every message she received was pushed to the bottom of her inbox. If you struggle at the bottom of her inbox unnoticed, she'll never respond to your messages. An interesting message will pull you back to the top of the queue, increasing the chances that your greeting will be read and replied to.

Stay calm

If she doesn't respond to your first message, you need to stay calm. This rule applies to second and third messages better than the original message. Don't let your worries or disappointments show. Keep your message free of any signs of dissatisfaction. If you stress your dissatisfaction with the lack of dialogue, you will never get a response.

Before hitting send, edit your message so it doesn't have negative feelings. Keep your wits about you and show your worth, not your disappointment, by sending a thoughtful message.

Don't let your fantasies improve your image. Remember, each profile is just a snapshot of a person. There's no need to be overly emotional or attached to someone you don't know at all. As more and more people meet dating online sugar daddy for me, there is no doubt that you will soon meet someone to be infatuated with.

Know when to move on

No matter how thoughtful and respectful your message is, stop acting crazy before she blocks you.

Send more than one email and you're likely to be labeled a weirdo. Don't stray into the wacky territory. Acknowledge that the world won't end when she doesn't respond to your first online dating message. Have a face and don't waste time on a failed cause. Chances are you'll find your next arrangement relationship online. Use your energy wisely and look for a better sugar baby.