4 Flirting tips for older men to attract younger girls

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dating an elite woman Older men dating younger girls may not be understood by family and friends. But if you're both in it for the fun of it, there's nothing you can't do. As a rich, mature man, naturally more popular with college girls than those young, reckless boys. But what should you do to attract girls who are much younger than you? Let's take a look at some practical flirting techniques that can help you.

The first thing you need to do is simply use flirting techniques to get attention from the woman you like, but don't rule out that some women don't want it.

The first step is to learn the hard way by watching her body language and facial expressions to see if she is interested in you as well. By measuring how she reacts to your flirting, you can either continue to gain confidence or walk away politely. If she is smiling, making eye contact, playing with her hair or her shoulders, then she may feel comfortable and you can move on. However, if she seems uninterested or even bored, her body language, such as shoulders or crossed legs, maybe facing you, and then remain polite and leave quietly.


Don't you know how to flirt? You don't have the skills or tools to flirt with women. Don't worry. Both men and women have this powerful tool, your smile! Whether a woman is flirting with a man or dating another woman, the tools are the same. Men need to remember that a pleasant, natural, natural smile sends the right signals for a woman to relax. If she smiles back, she is sending you a positive message. Smiling is a safe and harmless technique that doesn't affect your confidence or social status in a situation. Smiling at others won't be noticed by the people around you, so if your smile isn't reciprocated, then you haven't lost anything, you won't feel embarrassed, and you can quickly move on to the next smile and make eye contact with others.

Strange compliments.

Too much praise, a woman, can make people feel desperate, when you expect others to praise, you will seek personal comfort. Admit it or not, everyone likes to hear compliments, but they have to sound sincere and not be too personal at first. Don't just say how much you like her body, breasts or hips, but casually say you like her clothes or her new complexion; Compliments also include saying you appreciate the work she does or the way she gets along with animals. Again, observe how these compliments are received. If she smiles, makes good eye contact, or reciprocates with a compliment, these positive signs indicate that she is willing to continue talking to you along the way.


I know this sounds easier said than done, but confidence exudes attraction and women find it very attractive. It sounds obvious, but before you can engage women in meaningful conversation, it's necessary to build your self-esteem and self-worth. It's attractive to have an overall sense of stability, control, and confidence in the presence of a wide variety of women. Talk to as many women as you can, the ones you find less interesting. At work, at the supermarket, out at night, say hello to all the women, make eye contact, smile. Don't lower your head until you find a girl you like. Talking, smiling and acknowledging all women is good practice, but it can also boost confidence, as you'll be surprised at some of the positive responses you'll receive. After all, relax, enjoy and be confident; You just said hello!

Make eye contact.

You already have a toolbox full of options available to women, and knowing how and when to use them is a key factor. For example, eye contact is a simple flirting technique, simple but effective. When talking to a woman, make subtle eye contact and pay attention to what she is saying. This is called active listening. Don't make too much eye contact or you'll be embarrassed, and certainly, don't stare at each other. But in conversation, even before you meet, eye contact and a smile are the easiest ways to attract a woman, gauge her reaction to you, and allow flirting to go back and forth.

As a result, no matter you are dating an elite woman on elite singles match site or dating an elite woman on elite singles match site, you should master these basic skills.