10 Secret signs your sugar daddy wants you to have a long-term, serious relationship with him

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marry rich man When sugar daddy and sugar baby first started looking for a potential partner on dating sweet sugar daddy website, they probably never thought they'd fall in love with him or her, but that's how it goes. You like this sugar daddy who is only 10 years older than you. He attracts you in every way. He is handsome, wealthy, cares about you and sends you gifts. You can tell he seems to like you, too, but what can you do to speed up the commitment process?

Sometimes, a man may not be stepping up to commit to you because he's not sure if he wants a long-term, serious relationship. So, to help him ask you to be his girlfriend as soon as possible, here are 10 secret signs that he can't wait to move on.

Are you ready to be your sugar daddy girlfriend?

1. He is frank and honest about his feelings

Dating an older, mature man can be emotionally and physically satisfying. Because they know what they want, whether you are the right girlfriend for them, and you suggest a long-term relationship. However, with the men you've dated in the past, you may often feel anxious and cranky because you find yourself emotionally empty. This is a man who will not open his heart or even close himself to the woman he is with if he cannot see his future with her.

A man who is interested in your relationship will open up. He is vulnerable to you and tells you how much he cares about you. It feels great, doesn't it? He is honest with his feelings and does not hide them.

2. He often texts (and calls) you

There is something to be said for a consistent person. So, when a man misses you, he'll tell you, whether it's texting or calling.

A man who isn't interested in your future will call you when he wants to call or text you...But if he's constantly reaching out to you, it could be one of the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend. After all, not every sugar daddy can be patient with his sugar baby, especially in the middle of a busy work schedule.

3. He is quick to respond to your message

There's nothing more annoying than spending hours (or even days) responding to a text message. If he responds to your text message on time and is serious about it, it shows how interested he is in you. If he replies to your texts every day (and for no real reason, such as having to turn off his phone at work), he probably doesn't want to be your boyfriend.

On the other hand, a responsive man does this because he is happy to hear from you and wants to continue the conversation.

4. He compliments you

Men get nothing from compliments except a smile or a kiss. So if he does, it's probably because he's attracted to you. But pay attention to what he's complimenting you on. Or will he also praise your intelligence, your accomplishments, and even your taste? If it's just physical, he may not be interested in anything but sex, but if his compliments are comprehensive, he may want you to be his woman! What can attract a man, in the long run, is not a woman's appearance, but her intelligence and personality.

5. He talks about the future

Every time you go on a date with him, he imagines a future where you and he will buy a house in the suburbs, have kids and keep pets. In his plans for you, there is your existence, he wants to live with you all the time.

A person with an eye on the future is a guardian, as long as your desires and goals are consistent with his.

6. He has confessed his past

I'm certainly not saying that every man who is ready to commit is open to talking about past relationships, heartbreaks, etc., but if this man is willing to tell you what happened in the past, he's letting you know that he's comfortable with you and vulnerable.

This is huge. In our culture, men are often discouraged from being vulnerable. Male leaders are perceived as less competent and less confident when they seek help, a study has found. Many men are reluctant to talk about the pain or trauma they might have suffered in the past because they think it makes them look weak.

So if this guy opens up to you, it's one of the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend!

7. He introduces you to friends and family

Remember, sugar daddy and sugar baby dating is usually a matter of keeping family and friends from knowing, especially family. Because his family will probably not approve of you being together, you are not the best person for him to be his future wife, regardless of age, life experience or financial situation. But when he does, it shows s that he is ready to face future difficulties, setbacks, and cannot get support from his family.

8. He tells you everything

You were his first call for a raise or his grandmother's death. You belong to him.

You're sure he's not keeping it from you, and you're not keeping it from him. You two are like two peas in a pod. You love to share everything.

9. He gives you his heart and soul

He's not like any other sugar daddy who is dating a sugar daddy while still updating his sugar daddy profile on the best sugar daddy app and continuing to look for more sugar babies for arrangement. Although you can not be together every day, as long as it is with you, he will always put his mobile phone on silent, in order to better accompany in your side.

10. He can't stop touching you

He doesn't just touch you sexually. He will hold your hand, hug you, kiss you, or touch your face whenever you are within reach. Touch conveys emotion and also allows him to touch your body.